Small schools consolidating into bigger school completely eastern european dating

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1837 Normal School of Design established in London.

1864 Clarendon Report on public (independent) schools: led to 1868 Public Schools Act.

Introduction, Contents Chapter 1 600-1800 Beginnings Chapter 2 1800-1860 Towards a state system Chapter 3 1860-1900 Class divisions Chapter 4 1900-1944 Taking shape Chapter 5 1944-1951 Post-war reconstruction Chapter 6 1951-1970 The wind of change Chapter 7 1970-1979 Recession and disenchantment Chapter 8 1979-1990 Thatcherism: marketisation Chapter 9 1990-1997 John Major: more of the same Chapter 10 1997-2007 The Blair decade Chapter 11 2007-2010 Brown and Balls: mixed messages Chapter 12 2010 What future for education in England? 1780 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing The Education of the Human Race interesting historical text by the influential German philosopher, poet, dramatist and art critic.

Chapter 13 2010-2015 Gove v The Blob this is a draft of a chapter which will form part of the revised version currently in preparation Timeline Glossary Bibliography copyright Derek Gillard 2011 Education in England: a brief history is my copyright. 1791 School of Instruction for the Indigent Blind established in Liverpool. 1814 British and Foreign School Society: founded by liberal Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Jews as an alternative to the National Society.

1862 Revised Code: introduced 'payment by results'.

Minutes and Regulations of the Committee of the Privy Council on Education; Instructions to HMI: advice on the administration of the Revised Code.

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1869 Endowed Schools Act 1869: made changes to endowed schools as recommended by the 1868 Taunton Report.

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